Creating Content E-Course

Hello and Welcome to our Creating Content E-Course!

The Creating Content E-Course is aimed at giving you the skills to create content for all of your social media platforms. This is split into 13 emails which will give you information about each topic and then a call to action so you can put what you have read into practice.
This course will cover most areas of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Youtube, Blog sites plus platforms such as SoundCloud, Audioboom and many others.

Schedule of the Emails

Here are the titles of the weekly emails that you will be receiving:
Email 1- Welcome to the E-Course.
Email 2- Website Links.
Email 3- Power of Blogging.
Email 4- How video is changing everything.
Email 5- Hints and Tips.
Email 6- What pictures can and should post.
Email 7- Live Streaming, Why do it?
Email 8- E-Books and Give away items,
Email 9- Sign up Forms.
Email 10- Podcasts, How to maximise them.
Email 11- Industry Related Items
Email 12- Contributors bringing extra skills to your social media.
Email 13- Summary of all the call to action points.

Each section should take 10 minutes to read and action. It is then up to you to go and put them into practice.
The price of the 13-week course is £50 and will include a 1 Hour review Skype/ Telephone call at the end of the course to answer any questions you have (I will available to answer any questions during it as well via email).

After you sign up, I will send you an within 24 hours and the course will start on 1st July (Payment will need to be made before that date). 

Thank you and hope you enjoy this E-Course!
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